Website: https://eazylinq.com

Phone: +44 161 537 7570

Address: GREAT BRITAIN, 45 Brown St, Manchester M2 4WU

Email: [email protected]

About company:


At the Eazy Linq we offer a wide range of products and the best trading conditions. We continually invest in innovation and company personnel to meet our customers’ needs by taking a personalized approach and providing high quality service.


01 Safe deals

Our trading platform is protected by strict protocols and advanced technical measures.

02 Protection against negative balance

This protection ensures that losses on trade transactions do not exceed the size of the deposit.

03 Integrated analysis

Variety of indicators, strategies and drawing instruments for detailed market analysis.

04 Intuitive interface

The platform is very intuitive and user-friendly both for beginners and professionals in trading.

05 Cross-platform

Allows you to trade on the go. Open the mobile version of the platform and trade online.


4 responses to “EAZY LINQ Review”

  1. I would kill these creatures! Don’t believe a single word. A gang of clever liars! They will suck all the money out of you, you won’t even notice!

  2. My wife recently had an accident in which she received complex injuries and lost her arm. We urgently needed money and I decided to take a risk and took out a loan in order to invest it for trading. These creatures sucked me extra for commissions and a percentage of the broker, when I paid everything, my account was demolished. I don’t know who to turn to for help, my wife is in the hospital, and now, in addition to debts for treatment, I also have a loan. Help me please!!!

  3. Remember the name of these creatures – Eazy Linq! and NEVER continue talking to them if they call you. Masters of their craft work there, but not in terms of brokerage, but in terms of fucking. Even the most distrustful will be divorced. I spent 20,000 bucks, I could buy an apartment for myself or open a business. But I fell for the stories of this false broker!

  4. Scam! I wanted to get into crypto and I once heard from someone I know about Eazy Linq. I went to the platform, everything seems to be clear. The withdrawal of money was promised lightning fast. I threw in about $1000. Earned about 5 bucks a week. I was told that this was not enough and if I had invested more, I would have earned many times more. I didn’t fall for it and wanted to withdraw the earned money first, and then throw in more. As a result, I received a refusal to withdraw funds due to non-fulfillment of some terms of the contract there. No contract was read to me. Then they began to call me threatening to return some debt to them. I sent those fagots and threw in an emergency. They didn’t call me again. Insanely sorry for your money.

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