KUNA Review

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Address: Eišiškių Sodų 18-oji g. 11, LT-02194 Vilnius, Lithuania

Email: [email protected]

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The best way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies

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Buy cryptocurrency in 2 clicks on Dashboard

Dashboard is a tool with which you can track indicators in real time and instantly buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies. Its main goal is to make life easier for Kuna users.

Our accounts are 100% backed

All amounts on our exchange are backed with real money..

The reserve ratio for banks is less than 10% of raised funds total amount. Our exchange always reserves 100% of money. Therefore users can withdraw all money from their accounts and it will not affect the work of our exchange.

KUNA Review

4 responses to “KUNA Review”

  1. I have long been interested in the topic of investing in cryptocurrency. I decided to try to invest some money in this idea. I began to look for a suitable site for these purposes. Stumbled upon this one. Watched, read, appreciated. I decided to try to invest a small amount on a test deposit. And in short, I can’t withdraw money for a month, such things

  2. There was a problem when working with Kuna. I deposited money, I wanted to try to make money in this way, but I didn’t succeed very well and therefore I decided to withdraw the money until I lost it completely. But I could not withdraw the money due to an incomprehensible error. I contacted the TP, they told me that they had problems with the server and there might be problems, they asked me to wait 1 day. I’ve been waiting for the second week for the opportunity to withdraw money, I still can’t. FREAKS!!!

  3. But no one told these wise men that communication with a potential client for operations with a crypt through a cart is just such a thing ??) A dubious pleasure. That’s not all: certificates and licenses are drawn and e-mail does not work. The whole set, in short. Quite possible. that the site will simply stop working in a week or two. I laughed heartily, I will not work with them, of course.

  4. I have known about the platform for a long time, I even planned to somehow register on the site. But still I don’t want to keep a significant amount of funds there due to the fact that the service is centralized. Your cryptocurrencies can easily be appropriated. That’s why I still think, but I don’t want to recommend it to you, it’s better not to.

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