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About company

Our mission

LIONEX is a regulated broker and financial services provider for traders around the world. We are also one of the fastest growing online brokers thanks to our principles, technology, and customer relationships.

Our mission is to make safe and low-cost investing a reality for millions of users around the world.

Our company complies with strict international regulatory security standards and is regulated by the financial supervisory authorities of several countries.


We offer end-to-end execution of transactions. This means that we provide transparent quotes, and all orders are sent to first-tier partner banks and liquidity providers.

Using this method provides some of the best trading conditions and commissions in the market. This also eliminates the possibility of any conflict of interest.

We provide a round-the-clock customer service for traders of all categories to provide support and answer any questions that arise.


4 responses to “LIONEX Review”

  1. How can you choose a brokerage company that does not disclose any conditions or gives normal information about itself and its activities? This is the same as investing at random in some investment company, not knowing what it offers, not knowing what kind of company it is. After all, you have to do the analysis directly 10 times for the broker with whom you are going to work, because after all, the game goes for your real money, which you earn with sweat and blood (most likely). And investing in a broker who cannot show either a license or a registration document, well, you see, this is just suicide for your deposit. So think carefully, do you need this at all, do you need to do such nonsense, take risks for what? It’s not clear why.

  2. You can safely skip such a monster of a brokerage… trading in this kitchen will not turn out to be anything good for you, traders… there is absolutely no doubt that Lionex is another fraudulent Forex kitchen, the purpose of which is to cheat as many people as possible… by investing money here, you literally send them to the pockets of scammers and scammers involved in the creation of this pseudo-broker … for understanding – this is not even a broker, it’s just a site that broadcasts quotes of currency pairs, stocks, commodities and other financial market assets … quotes here just like a TV, they show everything, but there is no real market liquidity … that’s the whole difference between this Lionex scam and other brokerage companies – you are trading inside the paddling pool, against the broker itself, and not in the real market with real liquidity … and in conclusion I would like to draw your attention to the illegality of the office, the lack of documents, a legal address …

  3. Trading conditions are hidden as much as possible, as well as information about the broker in general. Lionex cannot provide a license or registration.

  4. Lionex does not disclose with what leverage it allows trading, with what commissions and spreads. Maybe here the minimum spread size is from 5 points even on the euro-buck, will you agree to trade on such conditions when there are a million companies that offer many times more profitable? And the whole point is that you will not be able to check it until you replenish the deposit. Yes, here is such a snag. To find out all the conditions, you need to invest money, well, what adequate broker will do this?

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