Website: https://westexfx.com

Phone: +442072228756

Address: 2 Victoria St, London SW1H 0NB

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Trade with your favorite assets on the most favorable conditions

Assets change every day – this makes it possible to buy and sell shares, gold, currency, indices and energy resources with benefits for yourself.You can earn in two directions: on the growth of their value and on the fall.

Try excellent trade conditions

Safety guideline

We use modern technologies to protect your money and personal data.

The ability to learn

Beginning traders will find training videos, books, trainings on the site.

Vice trading opportunities

In financial tools Westex FX, trade in currency pairs, shares, metals, cryptocurrency is available.


4 responses to “WESTEX FX Review”

  1. Faced with the fact that the office does not want to pay money. I know for sure that the verification has been passed, I personally attached the scans. But Westex FX is still not processing my withdrawal requests. It feels like I’ll never see my 1000 bucks again. Be careful

  2. Creatures robbed a single mother! my sister got into the net of swindlers, they promised her a lot of things, and she was seduced, although she had never lived so richly. and now she can’t bring anything back, because bad people have already appropriated her money (

  3. It was not possible to work with Westex FX, because here the matter is not limited to entering a minimum deposit. I started with $250, but almost the entire amount was immediately written off to pay for some kind of insurance, about which I know nothing. No one warned about the write-off in advance, but now what should I do, transfer money to them? Not the most honest service policy I tell you…

  4. condoms literally reset my balance overnight! in the coffin I saw such brokers!

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