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The BingX exchange supports spot trading in cryptocurrencies, fiat, derivatives and commodities. The project has been operating since 2018. It has licenses for exchange activities issued in several countries. BingX has a built-in copy tool for professional traders. As well as trading in demo mode. For registration on the exchange, the user receives a bonus of up to $100.

BingX Review

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  1. I have been using it for a year and I am satisfied now. It has Persian support and you can authenticate with a national card. It has a large number of currencies and it has forex currency pairs, stock indices, gold, etc., which is great. It has the ability of robot and copy trade that you can get good profits with the right choice. The fees are very good. It also has virtual dollars for practice. If you want, register with my code to get a discount on fees. (( 5BUGGE ))

  2. Best crypto brooker of 2021 as tradingview said. Perfect support all times and good update of application
    Great copy trade feature is the best to make 5-15% daily profit and easy to learn and passive income.
    If u willing to make money like me just Come to me on telegram @Dadasaeed73

  3. If your looking for a beginner-friendly and a great community this is what you are looking for , they also have a copy-trading feature that makes you earn.

  4. BingX is the safest and useful, make the trade easily and convenient , I hold all my crypto on BingX and it’s been a great experience till now. BingX is highly recommended

  5. BingX is the safest and trusted exchange, I keep all my crypto in BingX and it’s been a great experience till now. BingX is highly recommended for everyone

  6. This platform is easy to use,the people that manage the system are friendly and guide us always..
    I will never leave them no matter what.. kudos BingX Fam…stay strong always.We love you more.

  7. Bingx has long been my trusted exchange place, almost all of my assets are in bingx, and also many features for traders, this can be a recommendation anyway, bingx also often holds events every week, so you can double profit, thank you bingx

  8. Bingx really a nice platform with many features, there is a feature that I think is the most helpful, namely COPY TRADING, only by copying a trader with good statistics and got a profit. Love Bingx❤️

  9. BingX is a great platform to use when trading crypto or forex. I always love the copy trade feature I can easily earn money just by following successful trader.

  10. For beginners, using an exchange is a good first step. Learn to get to know more closely so as not to suffer losses. BINGX is one of the best at the moment.

  11. It’s best crypto exchange
    Copy Trade in BingX is very effective feature. You can follow trading decision from the elite trader. So, you can make a profit easily. There are a lot of coin and big leverage on Futures market, so i can setting easily for opening position long or short

  12. Easy to understand and beginners friendly for trading, you can also use the copy trade function and follow the top traders when you are busy. Also have supportive admins whenever you ask for problem.

  13. I have been using bingx for a while now, probably for about 6 months and I have not had a single issue yet. The UI is simple to understand and really user friendly, fees are low and it is very easy to understand the charts and BingX gives everything you need to start trading.
    10/10 recommend to everyone.

  14. This is by far my favorite cryptocurrency exchange. Not only does it allow me to invest in cryptocurrency, it also allows me to invest in commodities which is very uncommon.

  15. Have been using Bingx for over a year now, like any other exchange it is not perfect however it is by far one the best exchange i have came across, i have been there to see how much they have improved in last year or so & it’s been amazing!!!

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