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Bitget is the leader in the world of crypto derivatives. The world’s leading exchange was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Singapore. The top crypto exchange trades futures contracts and spot instruments. The number of registered users worldwide is more than 1.5 million, Bitget is in the TOP-5 crypto exchanges in terms of contract trading volume per day. The $10 million Series B financing project closed by the company in mid-2020 is now valued at $1 billion. The deal was led by one of the leaders in the gaming market, SNK, with the participation of co-investor Anlan Capital. Each member of the Bitget team is a professional who does not need to explain the basics and learn how to trade bitcoins on the exchange. All employees have the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of financial investment, international cryptography, social networks and electronic games, and other areas. Bitget has a listing on SMS, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
The largest crypto exchange with Copytrading


4 responses to “BITGET REVIEW”

  1. Bitget is a scam on the internet
    If you want to merge the whole deposit with one keystroke, then this exchange is in quotes for you. Copy trading on this exchange is a subscription to bots that will drain a deposit of any size in a short time.

  2. In fact, faced with a blatant deception. I wanted to increase my capital, but in the end I lost everything. My money is gone, support only gives vague answers. I tried to exchange my cryptocurrency, as a result I lost more on the commission, and some of the funds generally went to no one knows where. It is a pity that there is absolutely no fiat on this exchange. I know that there are also investment programs here, but I have not used them. I expected more from this company, but in the end I got a pure scam.

  3. Deceivers and scammers, you can’t name the developers of this exchange any more. I exchanged cryptocurrency here, but in the end I lost all btc, they left somewhere. At what it happened after a few days of use, I did not even have time to delve into it. I was waiting for help from technical support, I was sure that everything would return, but after a month nothing happens. I do not advise anyone to earn money here, rather stay in the red. I will check my account for some more time, maybe something will change, but I don’t believe in it anymore. Now I switched to another exchange, there are no such jambs there yet.

  4. Зашел на битгет, узнав о том, что у них есть бонусы за регистрацию и пополнение. Не смог разобраться ни в чем, и хоть бы сделали гайд по пользованию своим сервисом, ничего нет. Хотел использовать демо-счет, но не удалось. Куда-то перевелись мои монеты, хотя я хотел их продать. Разозлился и удалил приложение, больше в него ни ногой.

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