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The BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange is registered in the Seychelles and has been successfully operating on the market for over 5 years. Its daily trading turnover exceeds 3.5 billion US dollars. The site is designed for professional traders and is considered one of the best for margin trading. A distinctive feature of is that the maximum leverage for BTC is 1:100. Eight currencies are available for trading: bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, cardano, EOS token, litecoin, tron and ripple. You will learn more about the site in our review. How to trade on BitMEX? Registration on the exchange To create a profile on the website, you only need to specify your first name, last name and email. A link will be sent to your email to complete the registration. Users are not required to verify by sending passport scans and proof of registration. Judging by the reviews, such loyalty does not affect the security of transactions and capital storage.

BitMEX Review

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  1. Although Bitcoin exchange providers are at the head of the heap, they have recently opted to embrace other well-known blockchains. By providing real equality, the marketplace develops a more dependable environment. As a result, the BitMEX exchange is another excellent option. Although it is not the finest trading network, it will provide the necessary assistance that many beginning traders seek.
    It also contains sections dedicated to each coin that is listed on the market. The usage of the exchange services is simple. The accepted token limitations are still among the lowest on the market. Perhaps this is why it is not a well regarded service. However, as I have stated, the support it provides for the BTC cryptocurrency is critical. When I say “support,” I’m referring to attention to transactions, operational efficiency, safety, and fee and commission rules.
    It also has a modest cost increase when making crypto deposits, even if they are made using a credit card. This is a good and remarkable piece of work. On the other hand, many aspects of this interaction remain to be improved. One of these is the existing platform, which, although useful for displaying certain requirements, is far from comprehensive.

  2. Following warning for all Bitmex users. My Bitcoins withdrawals are cancelled and suspended since Monday 25.05.2020 without any reason given from Bitmex so far.

    Bitmex Support is not responding so far beside one guy I reached out in the Russian Telegram Chat just writing to wait for someone else responding me.

    So beside writing a support ticket,
    – I wrote an e-mail to to their support team
    – I called the phone number: 001-800-517-3111 which appears on google when searching for Bitmex, 3 times without someone responding.
    – I tried to reach staff Members directly on IRC, Telegram, Twitter without anyone responding.

    The situation is very stressful for me as I don´t have access to my Bitcoins since then and I don´t know how to solve this issue as Bitmex is not very responsible.

  3. BitMEX is a tool platform which shows the commercial margins of the operations carried out, providing services since 2014 with its main headquarters in Hong Kong has had a great growth due to its characteristics and security that it offers to users, A subsidiary of another project such as Global Trading Limited, it has a high volume in the market with the largest stores and businesses in the region. The orders that can be made vary while the maximum margin that can be reached is x100, obtaining great profits from the exchanges that are made.

  4. My account just got closed for no reason. What the hell is happening? No support at all…They gonna steal your bitcoins

  5. Since the site is relatively young, the team excludes the slightest possibility of negative reviews about Bitmex. On the Internet you can find a lot of questions about the emerging not significant errors, but not one negative review unrelated to a small trading experience — no.

  6. BitMex is a winning house for the owners, they have accumulated billions though their loosing customers. They are totally unregulated, they can bet against their customers, they can do what ever they want to manipulate BTC and other prices. If you think you want to play their game better put your money in a roulette. You have more chances for winning. BitMex is a major reason for crashing BTC prices by shorting and dumping. No transparency, no accountability. If you want to loose your precious coins go ahead and loose them all at BitMex.

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