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Why choose BuyaCar?

Quality checked used cars

All our cars are thoroughly quality checked, are under eight years old and have less than 100,000 miles on the clock

Home delivery or collection

You can order online and have your next car delivered to your front door or purchase through one of our trusted dealers

Peace of mind

All of our cars include warranties and a 10-day money back guarantee, giving you confidence in your next car

BuyaCar Review

3 responses to “BuyaCar Review”

  1. I purchased a car through buyacar in 2020. They did not register the car in my name like they said they would. I did not know this until this weekend (2 years later) when I was pulled over by the police who threatened to arrest me and tow the car away because it wasn’t registered to me. This meant that my Tax direct debit also didnt renew because the car wasnt registered to anyone. I spent hours by the side of the road with the police and now I have fines to pay to the DVLA as well as £80 to register the car in my name. I emailed buyacar who have said it is not their problem and advised me to sort it out myself and that I should have checked and chased the DVLA myself when they didnt do what they said they would. Useless company who have cost me a lot of money in fines that aren’t my fault. Just buy your car somewhere else they will definitely miss something somewhere.

  2. We thought we’d try out a new process of buying a second hand car so we choose From the time it is delived we have of course 14 days to decide it was exactly the car we ordered in the condition we expected . We could not be more delighted with our purchase from the initial customer care when we picked up the phone through to the day it was deliver to our door step by a smiley delivery man who showed us round the car and made sure we were happy with it. The service has been slick and efficient having taken two weeks from us choosing a car, to arranging the finance to it being delivered in the exact condition and spec we were promised. Great service and we are pleased to recommend to others…

  3. Amazing customer service at BuyaCar, very helpful and efficient. I would defiantly recommend buying a car from them.

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