CED Capital Limited Review

Website: https://www.cedcapitalltd.com

Phone: +442475209810

Address: First floor, 47/48 Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

About company:

CED Capital Ltd is an international brokerage with offices in Europe and CIS countries. Working with our company brings successful trading experience, you will create your personal portfolio, find the assets which match your trading style best and gain the new knowledge. It takes just a couple of clicks to open a position. Besides that you will have the full set of instruments and metrics needed to master trading on Forex.

CED Capital Limited Review
CED Capital Limited

6 responses to “CED Capital Limited Review”

  1. It’s a scamers. They only took your money. But if you want to take them back it impossible. Liars

  2. These are top notch professionals. They Easily enter into trust and pump out all the money from thei costomets.
    You can’t trust their single word, you risk losing all the money. They give the impression of a very serious company, but in reality they are top class scammers.

  3. I was looking for a reliable Forex broker and CED Capital seemed like the perfect fit for me. They claimed to offer excellent educational resources and a user-friendly trading platform. But in the end, it’s all bullshit. Their platform was slow and difficult to use. I also had a lot of slippage and my trades weren’t executed at the prices I requested. Overall, my experience with CED Capital has been extremely negative.

  4. After using the platform, I realized that it was a mistake to trust them. Their customer service is practically non-existent and the few times I was able to contact someone they were unhelpful and dismissive. Processing my findings took weeks, after which refusals came. I would not recommend this platform to anyone.

  5. I had a terrible experience with CED Capital. Their platform is unreliable and crashed several times while I was trading causing me to lose money. When I tried to withdraw my funds, they demanded a lot of personal information and documents, which are simply unrealistic to collect. Some bank statements, certificates from the main place of work and even utility bills! Is this normal???

  6. It is impossible to get your money out of these scammers. I’ve been fighting with them for a month now.

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