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About company:

As an internationally renowned financial transaction service provider, we are committed to providing retail customers and financial institutions with a wide range of financial derivatives trading products, mainly including foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, CFD and other products. Reliance Capital Markets ltd It aims to build a world-class financial services platform for investors and provide a fully transparent STP-ECN trading environment and reliable customer service

Reliance Capital Markets ltd adheres to the purpose of «fairness, efficiency and wisdom» in the capital market to provide investors with perfect and high-quality financial supporting services. Investors can make more suitable investment plans according to their own requirements, and directly obtain quotations from the market through advanced trading software.

Financial Aims LTD Review
Financial Aims LTD

6 responses to “Financial Aims LTD Review”

  1. Yesterday I transferred $250 to them, then I read the reviews. I called immediately to withdraw, so they sent me (

  2. The platforms are damp, and also full of holes, a lot of problems with it, from freezing and lags to drawn quotes. I made a comparison myself – quotes sometimes differed by 5-10% from other suppliers, from the same tradingview. And then, miraculously, the difference disappeared. I can attach screenshots.

  3. Where to send a complaint, because I also cannot withdraw my deposit balance from this office. There are 300 euros left on my balance, I want to withdraw them back, but the withdrawal of funds, or rather the request for withdrawal of funds, is not processed at all for me.
    There are victims from the broker, how did you return the money? Does it make sense to contact lawyers or is it not? Can you say goodbye to money forever, or can you somehow save it?

  4. It seems like the broker has already been added to the black list of the Central Bank. If not added, it will be added soon. This is 100% information so do not tempt fate, do not take risks, do not keep money here.

  5. I registered on the Financial Aims LTD website in order to find out what kind of platform is here, what is inside, what is there according to the conditions. As a result, I did not even receive a confirmation code by e-mail. There is nothing really inside the personal account, the platform is miserable and far behind the metatrader 4. It also seems to me that the company has been lying about its existence since 2001, because there are practically no reviews and reviews on them on the Internet. If it was really a broker that has been operating for more than 20 years, then I think that the situation with fame would be completely different.
    I did not replenish the deposit, because they are asking for too much money. No demo, no swap-free. So I don’t know how you can even start trading here.

  6. The fifth time I withdraw from Financial Aims Ltd, and the fifth time the money arrives within 24 hours. I trade myself, but additionally I read their analytical information, which is available to every trader. Analytics may not carry some kind of grail, but it shows well the options for the development of the price movement, under which I am already adjusting my trading system. It turns out not bad on the whole, I take my 15% -20% monthly. I withdraw half, plus I earn from my main job, I have more than 150,000 rubles a month in total. I’m trying to raise capital. I like trading with the company, the broker does not let me down. I keep trading.

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