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Huobi Review

8 responses to “Huobi Review”

  1. Scam exchange
    After the loss of gala
    They change it to a new meme coin and sweep all user money. Someone should take in chare of this case. Biggest scam !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No liquidity yet you can x200. Not used them but the infrastructure is bound to fail. Look at the volumes on btc/usdt from 1 to 6m on the 24h. That’s peanuts. Even if your trade at x200 comes in, they haven’t got the doe. It’s like putting money in a slot machine without any quarters in it. Use Bybit, Binance, kucoin or any other top broker and accept the fees. Get a trading journal and project your trades and manage your risk. CHECK YOUR COUNTRIES LAW ON CRYPTO BEFORE DEPOSITING. Tada

  3. They will not help if u hv problem. I deposit btc below minimum limit because im not pay attention on their limit. And i contact support….but its useless. My btc is lost. …

  4. 1) Bad communication
    2) Each time you should upload your photo with ID with handwritten message what do you need to do. Annoying!
    3) If you tried to delete your account – it’s impossible, they write: “Your account was opened less than month, it’s impossible to cancel your account”

  5. They go as far as removing bad reviews, group savings with friends and family is far more profitable than money put into huobi when most definitely they will block your access and money is gone like that with no trace or hope of recovery, my own hope came in form of with a full recovery of my investments, its evident that without proper follow-up money invested here ends up with no trace so i’d say best approach is to stay clear

  6. Huobi – worst case experience. I send some tokens to Huobi. They have different coin names. So I sent HOT from one exchange to the other. HOT at Huobi is not HOLO but Hydrogen something. So far, so good, my mistake. That was 16 days ago. And of course customer service is always a challenge, but Huobi brings it to a completly new level. The Helpdesk is useless, they only refer to “a specialist” will contact you. When? Be patient! After maybe 3-5 days you get a BOT mail that they need information. If you are on day 10 or 15 you have provided this information like 3-5 times. That is a Video, the wallet address, the ID – they did not take my blood samples and DNA, but they always asked for the same stuff over and over again. Lets say you might make progress and you get the same link from the SPECIALIST bot again. It will say you need to pay 0.04 ETH for Transaction (fine) and disclose a wrong Wallet adress (not fine). So good luck with ever getting your coins back. And if you think this is my personal experience, check their telegram group. I have talked to people with like 40, 60 and even longer periods playing that game. Of course you can chat with “Esther” at the Helpdesk every day. But you will always end with the magic “SPECIALIST”. So in short. I guess it is fraud, they dont want to clean up their settlenent accounts and keep the tokens. Thats my opinion. and sorry for that, but I post this no on every review platform else I will never get any further to my tokens but talking to the Helpdesk Esther Bot or THE SPECIALIST Bot. I have the strange hope, that Huobi does not like to have their name listed with FRAUD everywhere. But keeping property of other and not returning assets is fraud, or illegal, or a crime or whatever. So afte posting this everywhere, I will need to pay a lawyer – a dream. HUOBI FRAUD 🙂

  7. the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in China.
    i have been huobi’s user for over 2 years.
    thanks to huobi, my crypto portfolio is 300% profit now.

  8. Highly recommended. I trading with Huobi from 5 months ago and everything is great.

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