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Phone: +27 10 753 1177

Address: Unit 203, No. 16 Corner Hutson and Eyre Streets, Blake Building, Belize City, C.A.

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About company:

Trade with Confidence

Discover our advanced, innovative and intuitive WebTrader trading platform and trade CFDs with confidence in the most popular and sought-after worldwide assets.

All these available from your favourite browser at any device to take your CFDs trading to the next level.

  • ComplianceInvestMarkets upholds strict industry regulatory compliance requirements, the highest industry standards to ensure a safe and secure trading experience.
  • SecurityAll client’s funds are kept in separate trust accounts with investment-grade banks. Using the highest standard PCI scan and SSL certificate.
  • SupportOur dedicated support team is always available to meet our trader’s needs, working around the clock to provide assistance to our international traders.
  • PlatformsWe offer advanced CFDs trading platforms, our WebTrader and the MetaTrader 4, available to InvestMarkets traders for web and mobile.
  • QualityWe’ve built InvestMarkets on the foundation of delivering the best trading experience to traders around the world. We push ourselves to maintain our standards while making sure we keep offering more to our traders.
  • is operated by Arvis Capital Limited, a Belize Invest Firm, authorised and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. The company’s licence number is 000307/166.
InvestMarkets Review

10 responses to “InvestMarkets Review”

  1. We started trading in about 2 months ago, after depositing some money and getting a lot of profit we lost them in just a moment. We said it is okay, this is trading, then we started to trade again and get some profits, and we reached around 18 K $ and we decided to withdraw the profit, all in a sudden received an email telling us that the company decided to take the money because we were abusive traders according to their terms and conditions, we were scalping and this is mot allowed however all these trading transactions were guided by account manager and he was guided us on the phone. When I tried to inform the account manager he said he doesn’t know about it and another department is handling this situation ( Risk Arvis) and i tried to send them many emails with no response on clarification for what happened.

    We tried to reach them many times with no direct answer to our problem just send us an email and we will get back to you. This is since one week and no answer till now.

    Nevertheless to say that they have a very long process for money withdrawal.
    They only heavily calling you to deposit money.

    I don’t trust this company as they are not clear in their communication and very long processes. No clarification for their processes.

    If they are keen about their reputation, they should call us and clarify everything on the first place not taking our money just by an email.

  2. I started trading in the financial markets a few years ago because it became fashionable. I did not know that I would be able to organize a good income over time and reach a high level. I do not know whether to thank, first of all, my analytical skills or InvestMarkets’ quality support for all these long five years, but now I am in the status of a professional client with all the advantages that this entails. The money is withdrawn very quickly and without delays.

  3. It’s not hard for me to trade with this broker. InvestMarkets does not have a high minimum deposit, so I can quickly open a live account.
    Of course, at first I traded on a demo account to learn all the functions and tools of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

  4. I find this broker very suitable for equity trading because the choice of indices here is really impressive. I think that you can hardly find anything better. Just open their Webtrader and cycle through indices. I guess you will find a lot of unknown names in the list. What’s more, it’s a regulated company.

  5. I think that the main advantage of this broker is the 1:500 leverage. It’s really cool that you can use this leverage on any account with any spread. If you only have a minimum deposit of $ 250, then with this leverage you have the opportunity to make good money.
    Also, don’t forget about regulation and license. This shows the broker’s honesty and should give you confidence.

  6. InvestMarkets is the normal platform, not a place that pulls money. I checked all the licenses and documents, everything is clean. I have only just started, but I have no problems with withdrawal.
    The main thing is to think things through properly and follow the strategy I chose. I started with a demo account, traded on it for 3 months, then opened a real account.

  7. I was able to find many companies here that no one else has. For example, there is an insurance company AXA, BNP Paribas. In general, there are a lot of leading European companies with public reporting. If you are tracking their financial performance and you know what balance is, then CFDs on stocks are most likely suitable for you.

  8. I recently started trading CFD’s and lost my money because of a miscommunication with my accounts manager. I followed this up with an email to support and then Tania called me to hear my story about my goals being misunderstood and this leading to riskier trades being performed and me losing my investment in the space of 2 days and 3 trades. Tania took my complaint to a manager and called back minutes later to say that 30% of my investment will be refunded into my trading account, I will be allocated a new accounts manager and they will open a demo account so I can get comfortable first.

    Tania attended to my complaint in the space of 3 hours and resolved it.

    She really turned a bad experience into a very amazing experience.

    Therefore I highly recommend InvestMarkets for a trading platform and great service.

    Be honest and make sure your accounts manager understands your short and long term goals before you start trading and make use of the demo account so you can understand the risks upfront

  9. I will say this, I came to Markets Invest recently, but I am happy with everything. The guys provided an excellent platform, there are a bunch of different tools for trading on the exchange, there are favorable conditions (I personally trade in cryptocurrency), transactions are successful and profits are slowly growing. As for me, their strategies work with a bang, I don’t understand why someone might not like something. Well, for 2021, the company is working and performing its services perfectly) They also have a “Golden Deposit” chip, I did not use it myself, but in the future This is trade, there is no other way. Moreover, there is risk insurance, and the license is also present. Recommend)

  10. The company has a great terminal. It opens right in your browser and has a lot of useful features. For example, you can make screenshots right in the terminal and write text notes on the chart. It makes market analysis much easier in InvestMarkets.

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