Junction 17 Cars Review

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Welcome to Junction 17 Cars. We are a well-established, passionate business specialising in the sale of prestige used cars based in Peterborough.

Whether you’re at Junction 17 Cars to buy something special, or you would just like to browse, we offer you a completely personalised service through every stage of your car buying journey. Leaving you with a great impression and you wanting to come back as we genuinely care about all of your needs and our service is designed around you, often exceeding expectations.

We pride ourselves in selling high quality prestige used cars. You can browse our current stock online and click on any model of car that interests you to see further details.

We take great pleasure in being able to guide every one of our customers, whether new or returning, through every part of vehicle ownership – the buying, financing, servicing and selling – all from under one roof.

At Junction 17, we are a dealership with a deep passion for cars, which is at the heart of our unrivalled expertise. If you would like professional help in choosing the best European sports car or prestige car that meets your requirements you can trust our expert sales team. We provide considered and impartial advice which is well-respected in the automotive industry.

If you are upgrading from another prestige car, we can purchase your old car for a fair and accurate price. We are always looking for exceptional luxury and sports cars to add to our stock, and can offer both cash sales and part exchange against the value of a car in our existing range.

To speak to one of our specialist sales advisers about financing a car, buying outright or selling a car, please contact us or phone us on 01733 247222 and one of our prestige used car specialists will be more than happy to assist

Junction 17 Cars  Review
Junction 17 Cars

2 responses to “Junction 17 Cars Review”

  1. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Don’t be fooled by the high end cars in the showroom PLEASE READ the reviews. I was asked to take down my previous scathing review on the back of L promising to resolve the outstanding issues that should have been sorted 5 weeks earlier by another salesman. Another big mistake, as once I deleted the negative feedback I was then ghosted again!!! I will try and keep this short at to the point. 1, If the car requires any work before buying it WALK AWAY because the promises to undertake the work before you take delivery are just false. 2, If you have stupidly believed them and take the car away and there is a problem, then after calling them once they WILL NEVER answer your call again, unless you ring straight back either on a different number or put 141 in front of the call and they answer straight away, tried this every time and it gets answered straight away, but you will be ghosted if you call on your usual number. 3, If you do the above and get through to reception you WILL NEVER get put through and don’t bother leaving a message as they WILL NEVER call you back either. If she sends the owner an email asking him to contact you and copies you in, DON’T expect a response because the owner has your money and doesn’t bother responding. 4. DO NOT rely on them informing DVLA, they WILL NOT and like me, you will continue to be wasting the road tax on your part exchange whilst it’s for sale on their forecourt because you can’t get a refund as the car will remain in your name. The new keeper supplement from the V5 will not be given to you either so DO NOT leave until you have it as you WILL be ghosted afterwards. 5 weeks after the purchase I had to return in person to get them to do the transfers on line, a two minute job requiring you to continually chase and end up having no other choice but to turn up in person. 5. Be warned their HPI report DOES NOT include a millage check, mine had a millage discrepancy, which they refused to accept devalued my car. 6. Even worse, 5 weeks after I purchased the car for cash they still hadn’t paid off THEIR finance they took out to buy the car for their stock!!!! So MAKE SURE you do your own HPI before and after purchase as they CAN NOT be trusted to pay their own stocking finance off and if the salesman tells you it will be done as soon as you pay for the car and he will send confirmation. So in summary, the two salesmen I dealt with both made promises that were just false and the management/owner doesn’t care once he has your money. There is zero after sales service and if you do manage to get past being ghosting, then PLEASE DO NOT believe anything they say. Oh and ask yourself how many people like me have removed their scathing reviews in exchange for getting an issue sorted? It’s the only way to get them to do anything, but in my case they still continued to ghost me. RUN AWAY and buy elsewhere, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

  2. A update on review posted 4 weeks ago about Junction 17 Cars. Has said bought a car from Junction 17 car YK11UNE had a handbook were gonna post and sort if alloy needs welding… On first onrme they say posted 3 and half weeks ago, never recieved it, they put wrong postcode and have the nerve to ask me to contact the post office, asked them for proof of posting never heard from them since, was expected as a rubbish place. Alloy says waiting for workshop to contact me to arrange, what a laugh tyre loses air daily and nothing., think I will see them in small claims courts with Bill for handbook and new alloy or welding what ever company says.. ONCE AGAIN NEVER BUY A CAR FROM JUNCTION 17 CARS. PETERBOUGH

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