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Since its inception, the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange has been providing traders from all over the world with high-quality financial services since its inception. It is rightfully considered one of the best platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. The mission of the crypto-exchange, according to its creators, is the popularization of cryptocurrency and access to blockchain technology for all segments of the population. This goal and user feedback form a tandem that inspires the company’s engineers to continuously improve the functionality of the platform. We have reviewed the activities of this company and are ready to share the results of our work with you. Brief overview The platform was launched 8 years ago (2011). It almost immediately won the trust of users from all over the world. The creator of Kraken Jesse Powell, realizing the growing prospects of digital currency and the rapid development of blockchain technology, set out to develop a platform for currency transfers, geographically and financially unlimited. And he succeeded! The crypto exchange is adapted for corporate clients of any size, as well as individual speculators of various levels. Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken occupies a good position in the world ranking, being one of the first in the digital asset market. The beta version of the site was tested in 2013. In the same year, it was officially open to customers. The listing of the exchange is replenished annually with popular cryptocurrencies. But the management also does not move away from legislative amendments to ban the anonymity of digital currency, which proves the reliability of the site. The main sections of the official website are translated into several languages, so Kraken cannot be called a localized project. Available in English (British and American), Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Only the main page of the site has been translated into Russian. The overview of the site interface leaves a good impression, as it is both a modern design and a logical distribution of functions and sections. Kraken opens up wide trading opportunities for speculators. Here you will find that trading futures, indices and using leverage can be much more convenient and safer. At your disposal are many tools, functions that optimize analysis and exchange processes.

Kraken Review

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  1. With 24/7 real life knowledgeable customer service staff you are only a couple of seconds away from the expertise you need. A great company to use for your crypto.

  2. Kraken support old not valid erc20 token adresses. If you send your coins to the wrong old adresse, Kraken give a shit on you. Didnt help. You are alone. Your money is gone…
    Try another exchange than Kraken and you will never ever go back to Kraken.

  3. Kraken is not a joke, it is an established well thought hands on deck screw the customer business model. Yup, stay away. I’ve submitted a shit storm of complaints and support ticket for them withholding my SEPA deposit without any reason on March 4th, 2021 and obviously I haven’t gotten any response or even an attempted justification. My only recourse was to start the recovery of my funds through my bank. Hopefully they’ll be successful.


  4. Kraken is a joke, worst customer service inability to actually help customers at all. Keep saying I see you submitted a ticket already, wait for them to get back with you. I will use a different trading platform as I closed my account today. Personally I think it was the BEST decision I ever made.

  5. Kraken is a joke, worst customer service inability to actually help customers at all. Keep saying I see you submitted a ticket already, wait for them to get back with you. I will use a different trading platform as I closed my account today. Personally I think it was the BEST decision I ever made.

  6. My experience with customer service is horrible. My first deposit on hold for a week so far. My bank sent fedwire without reference. Still kraken was able to defuce that it was likely mine. I provide evidence of it being mine and my bank sends the account reference the next business day. Since that first day no response from support. in addition, kraken flags my account for security concern despite my only transaction being the small deposit on hold. Who knows how long it will take to buy some coin? The 24/7 chat support cannot help with any incident. I recommend finding someone with more responsive customer support.

  7. Hello,
    I am in America, tried setting up an account, it was very difficult, too many hoops to jump through.

    Then finally I think I’ll be able to deposit my USD and by the other currency I wanted.. but my bank doesn’t do wire transfers online.. I mean it should not be this difficult to spend my money.

    I’m giving up on Kraken, they’ve lost a good customer. My only regret is giving them my personal information..

    What a waste of time. Just use Robinhood or Coinbase I guess.

  8. I have been trading at kraken for a couple of year. Made several deposits and withdrawals in crypto and euro. Last one was a withdraw at Oct 17 2019. Didnt received it on my bank account. I am a verified costumer. Have reached out for their chat 5 times. Basicly they say ‘we did every thing ok, so we have no probleem.’ My bank said that their bank need to get in touch with my bank. At the chat i was told that that is not true and that kraken sends euro directly to my bank so I have to sort it out with my bank. But kraken uses Fidor. Asked them to inform Fidor so Fidor can get in touch with my bank. But didnt receive an answer. I dont know what to do next. I am thinking of asking Fidor to get in touch with my bank. Also would like to make a complaint but dont know where to turn to.

    Of anyone has advice? Its about 1000 euro that i didnt receive.

    Also looking for another way to legally cash when i need the money.

  9. Kraken trading range Sept 13 2019 15:36 was $8,000-$12,000. NO OTHER EXCHANGE has such a range. They do it and stop people out steal their coin citing market conditions on their exchange, they liquidate positions on margin citing their obscure 28 day holding period rule but of course only do this when you are in a losing position and it benefits them. The flash crashes, scamming on margin positions, etc… is a mechanism for them to steal your coin. However, it is one of the few places one can trade using leverage. Particularly for US Citizens. So be advised, if you trade there trade with caution and do NOT deposit more than you are willing to allow them to STEAL from you.

  10. Kraken sucks. Can’t log in despite repeated resets and no support from Kraken despite repeated requests for support. I think they are just scamming people.

  11. Terrible slow and inefficient approval process.
    In the same time amount I already had gone through the process with bitstamp.

  12. Flash crashes at least once or twice a month, and they do not care.

  13. Horrible!
    After about a year of trading, they disabled my account with thousands of Euros, without any notice, reason and rights.
    And it’s still disabled.

  14. This site provides easy to use buy and sell methods. My troubles started when I try to download trading records from Kraken. I tried for hours to change the date range of the records that I want, but all I get is 03/07/19 to 04/07/19. This site is totally useless for tax reporting.

    If you are a US taxpayer this site is a pain to use. You will have to enter each trade manually.

  15. They have definitely upped their game over the last year! New coins being added, livechat feature, futures trading… Compared to my experience with them in 2017, they are like a new company! Well done guys 🙂

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