KuCoin Review

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About company:

The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has been on the market since 2017. The platform ranks sixth in the world in terms of trading volume. Supports transactions with more than 295 cryptocurrencies. And also with five fiats: USD, CAD, VND, IDR and CNY. The exchange offers spot, margin trading with a maximum leverage of 1:10, market and limit orders. The most popular cryptocurrencies in KuCoin are XBT, BTC, ETH. Commission policy of the site: trading transactions – from 0.005 to 0.01%, deposit and withdrawal of funds – free of charge.

KuCoin Review

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  1. Kucoin itself seems ok as a system, but HORRIBLE customer service. I mean, no joke, they litterally lied to me to get rid of me.

    Stay away at all costs.

    Situation – Had a KYC issue (drop down doesn’t allow my country) – let them know right away, and they asked me to create a new account (which obviously wouldn’t help..because my country still isn’t in the drop down menu)

    Let them know this isn’t possible due to already having funds and explained situation.

    I left chat and was greeted by another person who told me KYC for me was ok and finished. I asked why I can’t deposit in Euro.

    The Agent told me they are not allowing Euro deposits and will make an announcement if this changes.

    5 minutes later – My KYC actually gets verified – and surprise surprise – I CAN make EUR deposits.

    So brings the question…why lie instead of trying to help the customer????

    Horrible service…. platform is actually not bad but pray to all the high heavens that nothing goes wrong cos if it does….damn ur fked!

  2. Don’t use this platform customer service is so useless and roud

  3. Worst company ever. I have lost my 2FA and I have been trying to access my account for almost 3 months . I have responded to every email and every request Kucoin have made and every time I respond to one request they send me another one, it is like a moving target they try to come up with any excuse to keep your account locked. My phone was destroyed and I lost my 2FA. I have submitted request for all my another crypto companies . I have access within 48 hours . but not KuCoin I am still dealing with them for 3 months and nothing yet.

  4. Reward hub False Advertisement 7-14 working days. They are now telling me 3weeks or more? THEY ARE SCAMMERS.

    Evelyn (KuCoin)

    Aug 31, 2022, 10:10 GMT+8

    Dear Valued KuCoin User,

    Thank you for reaching out to KuCoin customer support.

    Regards to this issue, the withdrawal of rewards hub shall take a longer time thus you are suggested to wait and check later, generally it will arrive in 3 weeks or even longer due to large requests lately. Truly sorry for the inconvenience, your rewards will arrive after confirming.

  5. Made a large deposit and then trading passcode wouldnt work, nor could i get the ‘foregt my trading passcode’ method to sumbit
    So either theyve stolen my money or it s sitting there without me being able to move it.
    Done with kucoin, Never again.

  6. I used to trade with kucoin a lot. Now I believe that kucoin is an actual scam. When my phone broke I therewith left access to my 2FA. The process of discovery is now already taking two month which is of course totally unacceptable. Kucoin runs a strategy of repetition. Tho you have submitted something already, you will be asked again weeks later for the same thing. A pattern can be seen after 8 weeks and it becomes clear, that kucoin has no actually intention to provide access to an account you lost access to. I do not get rid of the impression that funds were taken by kucoin or kucoin employees since quantity of certain coins got less and less during the verification process. It seems that running a ligit trading platform is a great cover up to steal assets from accounts like mine.

    I now had to give this case to a lawyer and filed a case at court. We will see how the story continues.

  7. i decided to withdrawal my crypto into a wallet kucoin wouldnt allow it and here,s how i have 6.9 uniswap went to transfer it to exodus, input all addresses needed input amount i wanted to withdrawal (6.5)hmmmn little icon says max i can withdrawal is 4.9………..ok so tried to do that on the next page it says minimum withdrawal is 6.0………go figure? been back and forth with support 7 or 8 times with no resolution……….my crypto is stuck. told them this wouldnt look good on a review out there somewhere and the last response was it would cost me 3.0 uni to do the trade…….thats nearly 50%. this is extortion. i cant get my crypto out. Patrick

  8. Probably the worst customer service I have encountered at a company. I have tried to reset my trading password for over a month now and each time I try and verify my identity through pictures and videos they tell me it’s not sufficient or something is wrong with the quality. Now my money is stuck and I can’t withdraw it. Awful experience and terrible company. Would avoid completely and use other platforms.

  9. Second time I didn’t get my deposite FTM Fantom. For me, it is unimaginable that the deposit does not come despite several thousand confirmations. Once again… A few days of waiting for the crypto!

  10. I’m using Kucoin from first week of existence . My honest review based on my experience is: Bad support…take weeks to solve deposits issues. On my money they just take their time 😉 Dont give a F. Futures is the worst i have seen on any platform…it is made to robb you 😉 I’m leaving this sh after years because it is very very bad and lost hope on them being better 😉 Binance and Kucoin was competitors at the biggining with coins close as value but ….they got left behind coz of continues issue. Also got hacked and freeze our money for long. STAY AWAy

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