Monecor Limited Review


Telephone: +4930520077630

Address: Deutschland Frankfurt, Schillerstr 15-17, 60313 Frankfurt/Main

About company:

An Established and Trusted Broker

With 40 years experience and a comprehensive range of products and services, Monecor Limited delivers a first-class trading experience.

Trustworthy And Reliable

Monecor Limited has 40 years of Group experience, providing a trustworthy and reliable service to its global client base with a reputation that is second to none.

5 Offices in the world’s leading financial centres
140 Service provision in over 140 countries
15 Global awards of excellence
Monecor Limited Review
Monecor Limited

3 responses to “Monecor Limited Review”

  1. The company is not suspected, but definitely scammers, they work through social networks. networks, including through social networks. the VKontakte network, involving people in trading on supposedly financial markets, through “European” brokers, in fact, simply stealing someone else’s license. They do not withdraw money, they find reasons why you must replenish the deposit and why you will never withdraw them back. Plain, classic scam-100%

  2. heard about this scammer. Some blogger said that the guys do not disdain anything – they row and 50 bucks if there is nothing more to squeeze out. I would have thought that it was black PR, but I also saw a lot of reviews about them on the network – not the best ones, of course. Nice name, but there’s nothing behind it

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