Munro Financial Planners Review


Phone: +442081573800

Address: 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE, United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Munro Financial Planners Limited has been providing online trading services for currencies, commodities, stocks and CFDs since 2012 for traders of different countries. Our company’s goal is to provide the most competitive service for customers from all over the World. We are constantly working on developing our products and providing the best conditions for traders while observing all strict financial rules. The company aims to provide clients with tools for permanent self-development and invests in support, training and analytical tools.

Munro Financial Planners Review
Munro Financial Planners

5 responses to “Munro Financial Planners Review”

  1. One hundred percent, I agree with you. I have had problems with fraudulent brokers and do not want to repeat this experience. It is really possible to make money on this platform, even if you have not tried trading in the financial markets before and are still worried about whether something will work out. I went through it myself and learned to earn thanks to qualified support. Thanks to the broker for not going to cheat.

  2. I have nothing to compare to because Munro Financial Planners is my first broker. Decided, took a risk and invested. Not all trades are profitable, but this is not the fault of the broker, but rather my lack of experience. It’s a pity that a personal manager and a support team don’t always promptly advise when their help is needed, otherwise I could earn even more! While I do not plan to leave this platform, I do not want to take risks again.

  3. Not bad, except for the lack of a practice account. It’s good that I already had experience of cooperation with brokers and I knew what was what, so I quickly figured it out. And so it would have to be nervous.

  4. I do not think to look for an alternative to this brokerage organization, it suits me completely in all respects. I have only withdrawn a small amount so far, as I plan to continue trading on this platform. With payments full order. Just yesterday I received 500 bucks on the card.

  5. Well, this is purely a mid-range broker, with its own advantages and disadvantages. I am more than sure that he will have both his fans and opponents. Do not cheat – and most importantly. I think so, however, in order to gain the trust of traders and regulators, he definitely still needs to work – both on client service and on increasing the number of services. Passive income is not enough for me on this platform.

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