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Cryptocurrency exchange Nominex has been operating since 2017. It is registered in the Seychelles. Supports trading of seven cryptocurrencies. A native exchanger operates on the Nominex platform. As well as a service for receiving passive income by issuing cryptocurrency funds for lending to other users of the exchange. The size of the commission charged by the site depends on the total amount of the trader’s transactions per month and can range from 0.1 to 0.01%.

Nominex Review

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  1. A great platform to invest, with returns above the average of other DEX, very reliable, its social channels, always with useful financial information, I will continue investing in Nomiswap

  2. I like this app because it’s easy to use, transaction are great and smooth, never had any trouble or any issues to experience here. I definitely recommended this app. Has its features that you can surely secure your fund,safe and has a more lesser fees. I am looking forward for more features that this will provide in the near future. specially to all of us user. I highly recommend this service that absolutely perfect. Very helpful indeed great app. Thank you for bringing this kind of app.

  3. It’s quite complicated at first but it worth it you can earn passive income everyday. The holder bonus is brilliant, hope that you can make it newbie friendly.

  4. I only have a good words for this exchange…i’m in since last year and i have nothing to regret…thanks Nominex
    and Nomiswap (DEFI product of Nominex)

  5. Very difficult to farm cryptocurrencies, it was very difficult for me to withdraw the money from the farming, many problems to withdraw, very little liquidity

  6. Never Trust this market, They are scam and they are doing robbery, They suddenly block your account and you can not withdraw your money back, they asked KYC and never open your account

  7. its not spam you stale my money i send all documend i was talk with video interwiew with you!
    you dont want its see other people. ihave screan shot every chat i writed to you 100 times minimum your suport not answers anytime

    Not deposit Nominex When you will withdrawal they will blocked your account. you will write support dont will answer you!

    dont deposit you will lost money!
    the best bad platfrom nominex

  8. So far so good, their token is incredible stable even with the recent big drops on cryptos, Don’t know how they keep NMX token very stable. I only had a small problem with the auto reinvesting button. which they
    fixed it very quickly.
    I can only hope they do well for many years.

  9. NMX is one of the best performing assets in my portfolio. They have the most unique and profitable referral program in the crypto space. The roadmap is very promising and it gives users the incentive to hold. I keep a significant amount of my crypto in NMX.

  10. I’m Using Nominex for 3 weeks, so far so good. Everything is working and I excited to see the new features released. For me, it is a good source of passive income and my investments.

  11. This has been a very good exchange. the user interface is functional and easy to use. When making deposits, funds show up almost immediately unlike most competitors that require sometimes fifteen minutes to even display a deposit! I am happy to be earning rewards of NMX tokens for trading. I switched from competitor to using nominex exclusively for trading, unless I just need a small exchange that is impractical when subtracting the withdraw fees. The withdraw fee for USDT is a bit steep but I suppose understandable. BTC withdraw fee is reasonable/typical.

  12. The user interface is intuitive and pleasant. Prize contests to be held daily are very useful, like training for beginners. It is also a good situation that it is Turkish. I would recommend it to everyone. It would be nice if the commissions were a little more discounted. I think one of the best markets is the candidate.

  13. Nominex is an exchange that has proven itself on the positive side and looks one of the most worthy among the world’s exchanges. Simple and intuitive interface. Unique and user-friendly. The administration offers a number of interesting chips for making money. Demo mode, tournaments and bonuses. The project is developing noticeably. This is a promising team and I wish all of us long-term and fruitful cooperation!
    My ID 6736

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