Why trade with us?

We are constantly striving to be the best, which means that we will never stop offering new ways to make trading easier. Our registration is best in class which means opening an account has never been easier. If you are from Norway or Sweden, you can even register and trade using BankID. If you are new to trading, we created COIN-TO Trade Assistant to help you place your first trade.

  • Intuitive. Fast. Powerful.
  • Transparency
  • Legal regulation
  • We work 24 hours a day
  • 10+ technical indicators
  • Multiple charts
  • Trade Assistant
  • Low fees

4 responses to “ORIONBIT REVIEW”

  1. OrionBit offer an unknown platform of their own development. And this is already causing some concern. Indeed, in such cases, it is likely that the company does not bring any transactions to real markets. But it only draws the appearance that the user receives some money. And then you can’t prove anything to anyone.

  2. You haven’t tried Orionbit yet and it’s very good. Do not even think of my dear lovers of freebies to climb there. Because this is pure scam. Avoid this site!!!

  3. OrionBit are going to work on the international market. But the site does not work in any language other than English. This time. Internal documents are present, but there are more risk warnings and some other completely empty words, without specific information. And there is no exact registration with a license. This should be enough.

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