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Payeer has been operating since 2012 under an international PSP license. Provides solutions for accepting payments on websites through a native API and custom wallets for storing funds and settling within the system. The wallet supports major fiats (dollar, euro), popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH and others) and their automatic conversion. The Payeer gateway allows you to accept payments in over 150 ways. Transactions are validated via email, SMS, PIN code and Telegram.


6 responses to “PAYEER Review”

  1. Payeer is a good wallet which give chance to their visitors to earn from crypto Transfer.

  2. Payeer has been down for awhile now and has stopped opening. Not coming up. But why?

  3. i have sell in this websate bigining at 2017
    in this day i confirm that i have withdrawl my money without enny problem
    thank’s payeer for your turst
    khourssa mustapha from morocco

  4. This is the only payment provider which support payments to an obvious scam website and does not return your money after you’ve been cheated on and robbed. If they were honest, they wouldn’t allow it. Do not use PAYEER!

  5. If they not recover my account, they delet my account, but they are not recover my account and not delet my account after my own personal request.

  6. The best bank at the top of magnificence, I recommend dealing with Payer, a friend and friend

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