Stam Capital Invest Review

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STAM CAPITAL INVEST will help you trade profitably and confidently reach your goal
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We do not care about the level of your skills and experience in trading. STAM CAPITAL INVEST provides services to help you hone your skills. Our reliable platform with fast order execution, clear interface, easy setup and extensive functionality will expand your opportunities in investing. Also, you can always contact our specialists for additional advice, which will prompt you with excellent solutions

Stam Capital Invest Review
Stam Capital Invest

5 responses to “Stam Capital Invest Review”

  1. Please everyone should be careful and stop being deceived by all these brokers and account managers, they scammed me over $50,000 of my investment capital, they kept on requesting for extra funds before a withdrawal request can be accepted and processed, in the end, I lost all my money. All efforts to reach out to their customer support desk had declined, I found it very hard to move on. God so kind I followed a broadcast that teaches on how scammed victims can recover their fund, I contacted the email provided for consultation, [email protected]. I got feedback after some hours and I was asked to provide all legal details concerning my investment, I did exactly what they instructed me to do without delay, to my greatest surprise I was able to recover my money back including my profit which my capital generated. I said I will not hold this to myself but share it to the public so that all scammed victims can get their funds back.

  2. I urge everyone who has become a victim of Stam Capital Invest to unite and write wherever possible that these freaks are deceiving people!!! I lost all my savings, more than 2 thousand dollars. I have no words to express my anger! I do not believe that such companies are not covered by someone above. In reality, you could make money on the platform only if you were ready to share somewhere by 20-30 percent. but after you try to draw a conclusion, you are immediately thrown into the block and there is nothing to fix. Completely disappointed, now I don’t know what to do next.

  3. Lately trading has become unbearable as orders are filled horribly. I set some of their values, and the deals are triggered by others, I want to change the order and I can’t do it for 6-7 minutes. Therefore, I closed the trading account and the withdrawal of balances. I’ve been waiting for about a week now. Stam Capital Invest is probably one of those who started normally, and then rolled into the scrap. I can’t advise the platform to anyone, because now it’s not realistic to earn anything at all without intrigues. it feels like we are slowly being prepared for a divorce and for the fact that the money will not be returned to us.

  4. Stam Capital Invest are crooks. They came up with a website for themselves, made a couple of beautiful advertisements, then they offer earnings in a matter of days, but in fact they simply swindle money from gullible people. I am new to investing, I decided on my own that the company is good, because I was convinced of this. So, I gave 450 dollars, I was immediately given bonuses, but then it turned out that I could not use them. Then I began to work in tandem with the manager, again .. no one told me that his services were paid and he had to pay separately. Well, to cut a long story short, I screwed up. No money, no trade.

  5. Disgusting service at Stam Capital Invest. The platform crashes, freezes at the right time. You have to reload several times in a trading session. And then suddenly you see how several identical transactions appeared in your terminal at once. And even if the transactions are in the right direction, then the load is not huge, you have to close minus the spread. In general, the company is quite problematic. And frankly speaking, I don’t recommend it to anyone, because it’s just nerves, I didn’t get any pleasure from trading. I will leave.

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