Stroud Motors Review


Phone: 027 384 2787

Address:  556 Kaikorai Valley Road, Dunedin

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Stroud Motors is a local, family owned and run car dealership in Dunedin, providing you with the knowledge and expertise to help you purchase your next quality vehicle.

As a customer-centric brand, we are shaping the way you invest in your next vehicle by providing competitive prices, a range of choices and customer service that is a cut above.

Contact us through our website or come visit the dealership for a friendly chat.

Stroud Motors  Review
Stroud Motors

4 responses to “Stroud Motors Review”

  1. We bought a car from Strood, desperate as we were moving from Germany to UK my wife flew to fetch a car that claimed to have airxon (in the advertisement description) and then they had the cheek to charge their standard £600 servicing fee for the vehicle. A day after getting the car we get a flat Tyre, head to a repair place and get told the tires are shot, four brand new tires later we get told the brake pads are also shot, so £7000+ for a car we had to replace tires and brakes a few days later on….would never recommend my worst enemy to these clowns.

  2. I was hoping to go to this dealer and buy a Ford S-max for cash, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near to this garage after reading these reviews.

  3. They include two additional charges which are not declared anywhere on their website. There is a £150 admin charge and it is not clear exactly what this is for. Then there is a £300 care package. It is not clear whether the care package is optional or not, but it certainly appears that without the care package you will be left with no warranty.

  4. I would like to thank Strood motors for the worst experience of my life! I purchased a Mini Cooper from them with all the money I had. When I left there warning lights came on straight away! Apparently they do MOTs onsite. Which are obviously FAKE! I took my car to a mechanic a week after purchasing and they informed me the engine wasn’t attached to the car. In which case if I had reved hard enough the engine would have fell through the car, potentially killing me ! Strood motors said “prove it” . Their reply to me saying they sold me the car this way! As I had warrantee here too they refused to fix it. Said I must of personally removed the bolts from the engine ! Pathetic and ridiculous. I am a young girl and they are willing to risk life’s to make a quick buck. It is disgraceful. This place should not be allowed to trade !!!! Please do not buy your car here !!

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