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About company
Topeu is a company with a clear goal: to create a trading environment that is accessible to everyone. We provide transparent conditions to simplify the process for every person who wants to become part of the world of online trading. Online trading is suitable for anyone with a specific financial goal.
We offer you the Topeu webtrader trading platform to choose from. You can trade on desktop and mobile devices with dedicated apps for your smart devices.
Our View
Create a comfortable shopping space for everyone. Secure trading platforms, safe trade, reliable team of advisors.
Our goal
We are trying to create a trading infrastructure where every trader of any experience can find trading familiar and easy to understand. We want to be the crossroads between financial markets and traders around the world.
Our Skills
We are proud of our financial advisory team, account manager team, customer service team who create healthy relationships with our clients.

Topeu Review

7 responses to “Topeu Review”

  1. I studied the activities of the TopEU structure and was quite satisfied with the conditions, customer ratings and ratings. Here, free training, mobile trading, round-the-clock technical support and graphic information is provided. I liked the friendly and fast service, the stable platform, the absence of commissions and the reliability of the company.

  2. Honestly, I do not understand why the agent is all praised so much. I personally did not see any prospects for cooperation with Topeu, a typical scam that the domestic network is so full of. I will not say anything about the lack of certificates from the Central Bank, it can be seen with the naked eye that this is a one-day business, which will soon declare bankruptcy and close without the possibility for customers to cash out their investments. Be as careful as possible if you do not want to be fooled.

  3. fuck you need such figures with their bestial commissions and fucked up employees! before registration, it was said that there would be no write-offs, but as soon as it started working, it turns out that they take all the profit from each order!

  4. Oh, I do not advise you to mess with this lousy desk. At first it seems that the broker is reliable, there are a lot of good reviews, and later it turns out that Topeu themselves wrote these comments, artificially inflating their own price. The divorce scheme is standard, they persuade you to throw in a larger amount, they took 2 pieces of green from me, then they convince you to throw in more and more, if you refuse, then you will no longer see your investments.

  5. damn the day i believed those scammers! I am a single mother, I have financial problems on an ongoing basis, so these goats persuaded me to borrow money from a friend in order to invest it and supposedly earn money quickly, and they themselves received the cash and blocked my account!

  6. Pretty good company with good conditions, especially suitable for beginners who are not too willing to risk large sums. I started with 500 euros, recaptured a little more than a month later. The Topeu terminal works stably, transactions are closed on time, only the program itself can occasionally crash, you have to restart. I wrote to the support about this, but did not find them on the net. In general, you can work, but in some places you don’t like it. If you don’t try, you won’t know

  7. by far the most adequate agent in my practice. they respond to customer requests as quickly as possible, support is always polite, and the conditions are quite conducive to long-term cooperation. So give it a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed!

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