VUI Finance Review


Phone: +357 26 806744

Address:  Hellados Ave 72, Paphos 8020

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Trade on financial markets from anywhere in the world

The VUI Finance platform is a product of the work of the best developers and financial experts. It contains the most innovative instruments and functions for effective and successful trading. It is enough to have a stable Internet connection to get access to the most progressive trading platform on the market.

VUI Finance Review
VUI Finance

3 responses to “VUI Finance Review”

  1. It is impossible to trade on the VUI Finance website! managers have already pulled up, then they say one thing, then another. And now I can’t get my money out! not a broker, but some kind of shushhara!

  2. Don’t mess with this scammer. It’s unthinkable what these bastards are doing. They called my friend, who can barely walk, has a disability of 1 group. They introduced themselves as VUI Finance, and even addressed him by his first and middle name. They said that they help people earn money and suggested that he take advantage of this opportunity. They rubbed him for a long time, they even provided some reports. I looked at them – it’s not clear at all who they are and what they have to do with the office. But the fact remains. My friend Sergei fell for this rubbish. First, he transferred them 20 thousand rubles, which allegedly went to open an account, then another ten for the help of a trader who traded instead of him. After 2 weeks, they called him and said that he already had 30 thousand in his account, but it was too early to withdraw. You can only report money so that the amount is even larger. and then it started. he borrowed from friends and transferred 50 thousand rubles to the account. And after that, silence. No matter how much he called and wrote to them, all to no avail. Either they do not pick up the phone, then they answer and mumble something saying we will figure it out. He went to the police and they said it was most likely a scammer. But you can’t even write a statement against them, because apart from the fact that he transferred money to their account, there is no evidence. And those VUI Finance bastards didn’t even hesitate to breed a disabled person. And you also need to find out where they get their personal data from at all

  3. I felt with my ass that it was a scam … but no, I got flooded to work with them. I bought into the docks that they sent me by mail. They began to rub in, they say they work officially and they have confirmation. Believed them and lost 4000 bucks. So don’t believe it. I’m sure these crooks have a bunch of tricks.

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