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WS Markets is founded by a team of experienced Swiss bankers and financial industry professionals from England, who are driven by a common goal — to offer a frictionless trading environment with the best in financial technology today.

Our team hopes to leverage on the Swiss’ impressive banking systems to deliver the fastest and most reliable banking security and transaction speeds to our customers. Combined with the deep experience and portfolio we have from our English financial professionals, to present the best market prices and tools possible to our traders.
WS Markets Review
WS Markets

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  1. WS Market has absolutely no conscience! These are just lying creatures who talk about profitable cooperation, and when it comes to payments, they have a lot of excuses to refuse to withdraw profit. For example, I was pressured by the need to pay for insurance, and when I refused to comply with these requirements, the crooks blocked the entrance to my personal account with all the money in my account.

  2. They do not pay a penny, I checked it from personal experience. The scammers said that they would help in trade, but because of their recommendations, they only left me without a livelihood faster. And what could be the claims? I myself agreed to such conditions when registering on the platform … I had to be more careful and not rush to make a decision on cooperation and look for a trusted broker.

  3. The trading conditions are unbelievable. It seems that the broker looks like this, norms. And how it will be in practice is not yet clear, I will just start trading.

  4. For more than a month, a girl from Topface rubbed my trust with the name Hannah, supposedly lives in Germany herself from Asia and told fairy tales and what a good uncle she has as an investor and she herself has been doing this for more than 5 years, did not have time to come to her senses as she threw 2700 dollars and got into loans. I could not even think that she was deceiving everything very realistic. For the first time in 3 weeks, there was almost no talk about investments at all. I’m just in shock still can’t believe it, the withdrawal of 3776 dollars was rejected and the support wrote that your account was frozen for money laundering, replenish the balance by another 1000 dollars. In short, the divorce is complete.

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