Binance Review

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Binance Review

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  1. Manipulate price 99%, piece of trash, don’t ever try margin or futures if you want to keep your money in this shjt place

  2. Complete fraud. Basically stole my money. Everything appears fine until you want to withdraw your funds. They are under investigation. They dont have the money they claim to have. Face ID to withdraw 10 dollars. Dumbest thing I have seen this year.. Last time I logged on, I could withdraw 0,5 BTC a day with no problem. Nowadays it is nothing different from any other financial service online. If you are going to trade, at least pick a platform that wont go bankrupt or face a lawsuit within the next 2 years.

  3. good company overall. easy to deposit and also withdraw.

  4. this is scam company my withdraw delayed for almost 30 days

  5. been using Binance since 2019, I am fully satisfied with the service. The only issue I am facing is that it sometimes logs out on its own and I have to enter the login details again. Needs improvement

  6. Overall good but customer service is horrible they can’t solve problems quickly they take a lot time . Even if you have verified plus you cannot get binance bab token. They will tell you to take another verification process which takes a lot time and energy (useless)

  7. Case ID 98371764

    Binance are usually great, I love binance. I’ve had an account with them for over a year now. However: I haven’t been able to access my gbp and its taken longer than a week, they are very responsive but it’s very stressful as it’s not really clear why they won’t let me access my money. I’m waiting to be whitelisted, I was told it would be done by tomorrow but that seems unlikely. I feel like not enough is being done, no one should have their hard earned money ‘not accessible’.

  8. It is the best platform I have dealt with in my life. High security. Everything is easy on this platform

  9. THey tell me I can’t take my money out because it is not available in my country. The Netherlands… THey say it can’t be done and there are no other options. But that simply is false luckily as I found out. Other platforms have no problem with withdrawal. SO they basically lied straight to my face about a financial service.

  10. how so many bad reviews i have used for 2 years about and no issue at all . been able withdraw no issue each time. i have been holding shorts for 6 months literally 0 issue as well.

    Call centre ALWAYS busy – with complaints? and NO other avenue to try.
    Obvious display of unwillingness or inability to assist clients using them so take heed of this warning and steer clear!

  12. Minus 5 stars actually! The day that market crash and the time for you to buy some cryptos, they ask you to verification your address and documents🤔 . Then reviewing your documents takes up to 10 days 😤. You can’t buy or sell until 10 days?? Worthless!!!!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮 been waiting long time for this day to buy😡. Run fro Binance!!!!👎👎👎👎👎

  13. Great fees but completely trash otherwise… Their support are robots, use only if you need nothing and don’t have any issues. I also couldn’t make it work with any other tax calculator than Cointracking.

  14. It is by far the best exchange. Customer service is very responsive on time. Trades can be made automatically through its nice API. P2P is easily to use

  15. I’ve been a Binance customer for years, but I’ve noticed that Binance is taking advantage of the current situation. Because Binance has a lot of money and very few investors are currently investing, Binance is playing with the course. Do not trade on Binance under any circumstances as Binance will simply buy and sell larger amounts until you are liquidated. A stock exchange should never be allowed to have too much influence on prices. Binance sees exactly who, where, how much is traded and depending on which direction there is more to take, Binance also reacts. I don’t want to know how many employees at Binance are only responsible for that if it’s not even automated.

  16. Binance is a froud app because this app supports trust wallet and trust wallet This pepole chet me with 525 usdt. This pepole tell us deposit min 10 usdt minimum after that they tell us add amount the give peofit 8 to 10 days then they freeze our amount there customer care representative tell us deposit some amount the will release our amount after depositing amount they freeze that amount and every one stop takling us. They chat with us +44 country code number or telegram. I request to all please 🙏 call or whatsup

  17. Binance refuses to send me back my money. After having talked to three people, they still retain my funds. I can’t close the account unless I send them my passport and videos of my face. They behave like thugs and blackmail their clients. Someone should start a class action…

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