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LATOKEN is a cryptocurrency platform that includes an exchange, an IPO platform and a service for quickly exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat. LATOKEN has been operating since 2017. It is one of the twenty largest crypto exchanges in the world. Supports trading in over 450 cryptocurrencies. Its turnover is more than 300 million dollars per day. In addition, platform users can earn up to 160% per annum on staking coins.


10 responses to “LATOKEN Review”

  1. Looking for the most convenient company to trade your cryptos, then is the place to be. A safe and secure place to trade your cryptos
    Come let’s enjoy a safe and secure crypto trading and exchange together at

  2. very nice exchange . I already earn many good things from here. New user can easily earn money through this Exchange. Mohd salman helped me when i was having issue .The supporters are very friendly and active.

  3. I received a spam email from them despite never subscribing to their newsletter.
    Wondering if these guys harvest email addresses around the internet and try to get customers this way.

  4. Latoken is the best exchanger I have been ever used . I am using latoken from a couple of years.And by using latoken Many fund earn by me . It’s airdrop and trading competition’s are awesome. Suggest you to check latoken … It is so much awesome

  5. I will definitely recommend LAToken, great service and the best thing is that they have BitcoinSV, BSV which is the ORIGINAL BITCOIN PROTOCOL that scales unbounded! Hard to get BSV from anywhere these days, when all the scam exchanges have delisted the original Satoshi vision of Bitcoin! <3 LA Token

  6. They introduced a new scam coin called Cavapoo and their price listing was waaay higher than the actual price when we bought in a few weeks later the price “Corrected” it self by massively dropping and we lost all our money. They said it’s a price error in their system but that error costs thousands of dollars so its an obvious scam they plotted with the owners of the coin. Avoid them

  7. Very poor experience with this exchange. First, when I participated in an IEO, it took them more than 2 weeks to release the IEO token I bought even though a week before that, it was already trading.

    Now, when I try to withdraw TRX from the exchange, it’s taking more than 3 hours. Can you imagine, TRX!? One of the fastest network out there and it’s taking 3 hours. I won’t comment why although I probably know the reason. Avoid this exchange at all costs. I’m pulling out my funds as this is one of the worst exchanges out there.

  8. i have been email latoken but i didint get any respond yed, on their exchange they do sale a coin called TRADE its a scam project because they have take million dollars from turkish people , all our account its empty now i have email them many times didint get any respond and also i contact them on live chat but they still sale trade coin on their page and its scam project

  9. Scam alert, I genuinely give this company ago, their website is massively glitchy and they rip you off.

    I sold some crypto and was give one quarter of face value, they said due to volatility, Ive never known anything like it steer clear they dont listen, even their customer service is in on it, I was blocked from contacting them because they couldn’t answer my questions.

    I feel like a idiot for even using them, please alway listen to the reviews, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

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