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Today, it is quite difficult to find a reliable and safe exchange, because scammers are operating with might and main on the Web, who, under the guise of “super profitable offers”, slip a dummy to users. A striking example of such a “kitchen” is Binaryx, from which, apart from promises and high-flown phrases, you can expect nothing. What this company is, what kind of divorce scheme it uses, and what traders say about it in their reviews – we understand all this in our review. Binaryx: a real scam under the guise of a cryptocurrency exchange Let’s start with the fact that Binaryx positions itself as a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that provides a lot of profitable offers. But is it worth believing advertising? When writing a review, we decided to look for “pitfalls” in the work of these scammers and, of course, found many inconsistencies. The first thing we immediately checked was the domain. As it turns out, it has been around for over 12 years, and the funniest thing is that the IP address is located in the USA.

Binaryx Review

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  1. ❌SCAM❌ SCAM❌ SCAM ❌

  2. Cryptocurrencies have attracted tens of thousands of people around the world for several years. Therefore, new cryptocurrency exchanges are constantly appearing. There are trading platforms among them. One of the most noteworthy exchanges is Binaryx. Binaryx is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides the user with a convenient trading terminal suitable for both professional and amateur traders. This platform is one of the best modern promising exchanges aimed at working with digital currencies and assets.
    One of the obvious advantages of Binaryx is the transparency of information: the company claims that it began operations in 2019 in Estonia. It was the license FVT000465 that established that the exchange can exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat money. Additional offices are planned to open in the UK and Singapore in 2022.
    To use the functions of the exchange, you need to register on the service, use an email address, or log into the exchange with an account on Facebook, Twitter or Google.
    If the user chooses to log in via social networks, then he first goes to the login window for the account of the selected network.

  3. Founded in 2019, Binaryx has already made an impact on the cryptocurrency community with its award-winning design. Focusing on asset labeling and security, the next generation is a digital asset exchange that aims to help build assets. Binaryx’s user-friendly platform makes it easy for beginners to sign up for newcomers by providing a clean trading interface. Binaryx is a reliable option for everyone to continue to advance their platform with opportunities such as ETFs, crypto savings, loans and futures. Fiat-to-crypto onramp, a highly liquid liquid crypto trading platform, allows the platform to trade in USD, EUR, UAH, RUB. It already supports the purchase of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ripple. Another 30 cryptocurrencies will be released soon. A feature of the academy is that Binaryx has its own academy from Beginner to Hero, so you can simplify your cryptocurrency path and have the tools you need to grow. 24/7 Support – Not only is the chat bubble appearing in the lower right corner of the page, Bynarix also has a wide range of frequently asked questions, e-mail, Telegram, Viber and WeChat accounts, but it is also seen in many exchanges that receive unusual support. Security Focus – With a wide range of security options, regular reviews, partnerships with cybersecurity companies, compliance with regulations, and extensive inspections by a number of interviewers, Binaryx is critical to having in-depth security protocols. Pure Future Card – Professional ETF Index, Payment Gateways, Advanced Routing Systems, Crypto Fusers, CFDs, Business Registration, Online Payment System and International Digital Bank Planning, Binaryx is open to continuous improvement for users Many of their goals have already been hit, and the next generation is moving towards achieving its goal as an active exchange. Binaryx was founded in 2019 with the aim of creating a digital asset exchange for the next generation. In January, countries such as Singapore and Ukraine added 1st or 2nd place liquidity providers, as well as their own liquidity. By March 2020, they had completed the design of the inner cold wallet. By October 2020, the end-to-end engine and point-of-sale shopping terminal for users has been completed. Demonstrating its potential, the prestigious Horizon Interactive Awards won a Silver Medal in 2020. Without stopping there, Binaryx is committed to a major cryptocurrency exchange by compiling a full roadmap that will run until 2022. These include the Pro ETF index. , CFD’s, business notes, P2P One Exchange, and more. February 2021, Valentine’s Day, aimed at couples of the original character, has delighted many in the SDVT, cryptocurrency community. This has led many new users to become more engaged with cryptocurrency tokens, which show Binaryx visibility for certain assets. Horizon Interactive, one of the most prestigious awards in web design and creative media, won the Binaryx Award in 2020 and won the Silver Medal shortly before the exchange was fully operational. Binaryx is fully respected and easily visible when you click to open a user website. Invited and easy to navigate. With a clear and consistent roadmap for a great exchange, starting with a strong note, Binaryx’s goal is to continue to be a success and to be a part of future generations of financial services.

  4. Binaryx is a combined trading wallet, you can keep your crypto and fiat stocks secure for your sender portfolio, track your payment and various exercises. Used by specialized and non-specialized users. Binaryx is an Estonian integrated trading company based in Estonia. One Exchange has been licensed to offer managed services in Estonia and is based in Ukraine. An Exchange is multiplied by useful things, from shopping to shopping. It now recognizes the devastation of the Russians, the British pound and the euro as an Exchange, SEAT and Fiat store in various ways. Despite the fact that Binaryx has great and direct images, it strives to open a bureau of exchange and requires real thinking. One Exchange allows all dealers to discard brand notes that allow them to receive additional assistance because they are responsible for identifying issues related to their customer exchanges and closing additional barriers. The Binaryx trade was useful for exchanging newcomers and exchanging experts. It covered all the parts of the exchange that depended on the digital currency exchange experience. With any gadget, you can quickly browse the administrations there. There, the customer’s request is at the customer’s discretion and you are allowed to express interest in each case as long as you focus on customer support for any issue that occurs in parallel trading. Exchanges from grocery stores to utilities are growing rapidly. The exchange is currently being accepted at the Fiat Store as a SEAT of Russia, the British Pound and the Euro and in various ways. Although Binaryx has some great and important plans, the section should be orderly and really insightful. We can use our assets at any time, in any dispute. This is due to the use of cold feathers to limit these methods, which creates excellent confidence for the customers who will use it. They use programming to validate an exchanger. There is no cost to using it. They are involved in a variety of ways to retain and recover, for example, credit and check cards (we can change and cancel accreditation), banking operations (SEPA) parts and parts, and a desperate and undoubted savings. it is shot in sending reliable and established types of money. It includes a variety of systems for store and reimbursement, such as credit and check cards (we can modify and remove trust savings), banking to achieve current moment and continuity (SEPA). resistance and power to send computerized forms of money. Includes a large number of shops and money with payment and visa. At the end of my talk, the wallet is used for things that have been previously mentioned or discussed. However, it is still under development and the team really needs to fix things. Binaryx uses cold wallets to maintain financial security that ensures high security with assets with additional programming to confirm exchanges. Binaryx can be used 100% and you can keep your developed resources free. Binaryx offers a variety of store and withdrawal strategies, such as credit and check cards, wire transfer through SEPA and digital currency. You can rate Binaryx a simple, user-friendly interface that supports Binaryx. Binaryx currently does not allow the exchange and placement of most cryptographic forms of money and loses its customer base. Currently, they support only eight crypto stores, such as BTC ETH BCH EOS XRP and Tether, and I would like to see more notes if I have to add more customers to the database. Binaryx has its own institute, which can build information about new and old customers about crypto business and various elements that affect the crypto market. In addition, customers can understand their abilities, earn cash from their exchanges, and make a decent income by helping other people win.

  5. Binaryx is a centralized Trading Exchange based in Estonia. Exchange has acquire license in Estonia to offer their services ans regulated and also has its operating office in Ukraine. Exchange is full of utilities from Instant swapping to fiat deposits. Exchange currently accepts Russia rubble, Great Britain pound and Euro as Fiat deposits through SEPA and other modes. Although Binaryx has quite good and simple graphics but trading cabinet take time to load and need serious attention.
    I would advice users to complete KYC and then they can easily add billing and payment information for easy buying crypto with Bank transfers and Cards. Users can easily create a wallet after completing KYC and access their portfolio and then you will be able offer all the services easily. 
    Security offered is good enough to protect your funds with Google 2FA antiphishing code and Email authentication for transfers and login to the cabinet. 
    Binaryx currently dont allow too many crypto tokens to trade and deposit and that is big issue that it is loosing users database. They currently support deposit of only eight top crypto like BTC ETH BCH EOS XRP & Tether and couple more and I would like to see more tokens added if they want to add more users to their database. Binaryx has its own academy where new and old users can enhance their knowledge about crypto Industry and various other factors influencing crypto market. Beside this users can show their skills and monetize their trades and can earn good profit by helping others earn.

  6. in a world where many people are developing more interest in cryptocurrency and other related blocking job I want to tell you about the Great platform that could provide a suitable wallets in which bitcoin or other paper currency can be kept safe, Binaryx is a great platform they offer a free and encrypted wallet for users in order to secure their assets, Binaryx I’ve give a lot of confidence to their uses due to the fact that their service is very consistent in terms of the quality delivery,
    Binaryx platform is very easy to use because they make use of software as the means of transaction you can also deposit with your local bank credit or debit cards, they also makes deposit very easier and convenient for their users.
    Binaryx is a company that you need to watch out for because they are performing well at the moment.

  7. Someone can think the Binaryx it’s brand-new cryptocurrency exchange platform and he is be darn right.
    It really young start-up i start followed after their promotion on Product Hunt in Oct’20.
    When i registered and surfed a little on landing I’ve discovered pretty convenient and simp design in wich you don’t drown in the mass of text and confusing sections.
    – Wanna noting cool chips like a “academy” where you can learn something, unless you’re not a trader, of course. Because lesson category of Pro still unavailable. 🙁
    – One more chip it’s a F.A.Q. and quick support who tries to help with any questions relating to Binaryx.
    – There is a section Blog with news, useful articles, and user notifications.
    – Trade terminal is convenient but sometimes slows down a little.
    Actually not to much are trade pairs as I’d like to, but in last update promised to add 30 pairs.
    – There is a Referrals program, didn’t go into details.
    NOTE: for withdraw you have to pass KYC on Binaryx, explanation is demands of regulator.
    P.S. I would like to see in future something like a test BTC with the ability to trade for any new user, but without withdraw of this BTC.
    On my opinion the big part of any project it’s credibility of people, and through Road Map and Social Networks Binaryx have a lot credit of this credibility.
    Hope I will continue to use Binaryx in future with more of pairs and cool chips!

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