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WhiteBit is an example of a successful financial project that has managed to combine accessibility, convenience and reliability. These are the three main qualities of a cryptocurrency platform that every potential client will first of all pay attention to. The whitebit startup received two licenses in Estonia at once and was registered there. These are licenses from the state that give the right to exchange processes and trade in fiat/cryptocurrency, as well as the storage of valuable assets of clients. The impressive fact is that about a year has passed since the inception of the company, and the trust in it is already higher than that of some of the main competitors (Exmo, LiveCoin, Kuna and BTC-Alpha). The whitebit project was created in early 2019 by Vladimir Nosov and a team of creative specialists. It is focused more on the user from the CIS, but is available in many countries and beyond. In addition to Russian, on the site you can choose English, Chinese and Estonian. But it should be noted that technical support additionally provides services in other languages, such as German, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean. You can get help in the Support-department every day and at any time of the day. The interface of the official site whitebit.com is understandable for beginners and familiar to experienced traders (there are configuration tools). For those who find it more convenient to make financial transactions via a smartphone, the developers have released a mobile application for Android and iOS systems. So far, 62 pairs with popular fiats and cryptocurrencies have been available for trading on the platform. Almost all valuable funds of crypto exchange users are stored in cold wallets.

WhiteBit Review

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  1. I really love WhiteBIT. Both website and mobile app are so convenient, and it’s a please design, fast work. The most profitable staking, I’ve had a lot of staking plans for USDT up to 30% annually. That’s much better than Binance with their 6-8%. Low commissions, comfortable to use at all. But I wish they to add Faster Payments and £ GBP, so it would be easier to top up your account in the UK. Also, the p2p exchange is not so popular, so they need to invest and develop it a bit. All the rest – WhiteBIT is best!

  2. WhiteBIT is an amazing program that has been a real game-changer for me. It’s easy to use, provides me with all the necessary tools, and most importantly, it’s secure and reliable. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to trade online but needs more media coverage to attract more users. The daily offers are also great and make the user experience even better!

  3. I am currently doing crypto trading with this website. This website is very secure for buying and selling of the cryptocurrency. Also, customer service is so good. We can enjoy the token’s benefits and discounts as well and it’s so easy to top up the balance.

  4. The best experience with their services.WhiteBIT received one of cer.live’s top cybersecurity rankings. The majority of assets are kept in cold wallets, and a WAF is in place to thwart hacker attemptsThis is one of the best place to buy and sell crypto this site is one of the most legit places where you can do everything at once this site I would like to recommend to all those looking to trade and buy crypto.

  5. One of the best site. Through it you can do all transactions related to crypto currency. This app is easy to use. It will give you more benefits and convenience in cryoto business than you think. If you are also looking for a similar app then this app will be very useful for you. I suggest everyone to use this app as it is very good. Thanks

  6. Does anyone know how to retrieve your money from the platform please. I followed everything the platform manager instructed me to to but I have not see. $1 dollar in repayment and it says I have over $372,000 USD in that platform. Can anyone help me and tell me what I have to do to get my money?

  7. Whitebit.com is a legitimate website. I am a user of this site from the Philippines, and both my deposit and withdrawal went without a hitch. Initially, I was hesitant to trade on Whitebit, but I did so after reading many positive reviews. It is true that Whitebit is extremely legitimate, and I hope that it stays that way. If anything were to change, it would be for the better. I am grateful to have found a legitimate website. WHITEBIT

  8. Impossible de subscribe. The last operation, with the photo + passeport + sign is difficult to make clearly. But my photo is still readable. We can see the sign, the passeport and my face. Just have to zoom.
    But not! It’s so easy to refuse it! So, I will go to increase the number of clients of the competition. Good for them! At least I don’t loose my time with them…

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