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Crypto exchange CoinsBank comes from the UK, or to be more precise, from Edinburgh (Scotland). Previously, it functioned under the name BIT-X. The project was launched in April 2016. CoinsBank specializes in trading Bitcoin and several popular altcoins. Among the available fiats are the euro, British pounds, US dollar and Russian ruble. In addition, on this site you can purchase a prepaid card (prepaid card). The platform is not overloaded with functionality, so the site interface is simple and understandable. Access to trade is open to citizens from 197 countries. However, you will not find any other language other than English here. For greater convenience, mobile applications for IOS and Android have been developed.

CoinsBank Review

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  1. If there was ever a red flag then this set up has a big one.
    I realised straight away, after parting with my money that I needed to ask for a refund, I was told it was not possible as I needed to show several bits of ID.
    I tried to explain I didn’t have a passport and was met with a bombardment of “everyone has a passport” “you must have one”. I did not want this aggressive mannered individual to have my personal details. I was then bombarded with calls on WhatsApp and my personal number. I tried to stop my direct debit immediately but was unable to. I advised my bank of the situation immediately and await the outcome of a refund. Holly Willoughby face being used amongst others to sell this!? Lesson albeit a tough one to learn. As someone that is careful, I’d advise to stay clear of this.
    Edit: 24/2/22. I now get constant phone calls daily…I don’t answer many but when I do, I stay silent! Which makes them use another number with a digit out each time. Persistent, like gnats! Block each new number.

  2. are scammers do not invest with them. They will try to run you around in circles to make sure that you can’t withdraw your assets back from them. Nothing more than thieves.

  3. Stay away of this company, they have inactivity fees printed in super small fine print, and they will steal your coins with the excuse that they do not have withdraw options avaible for your region or country… Total ripoff company

  4. Terrible, I had some BTC in an account that had gone negative, I was waiting for a correction in the market. This happened so I went to cash my BTC into fiat, however, they had cleared out all my money in charges!!! apparently, if you don’t make any transactions after a certain amount of time they charge you ridiculous fees!

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