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Coinsbit is an Estonian cryptocurrency exchange. It was founded at the beginning of 2018. The legal entity “Coinsbit” is EXRT Services OU. The organization is registered at Narva mnt 7, Kekslinna linnaosa, Tallin, Harju maakond, 10117. is on the 18th place in the rating of crypto exchanges according to the Coingecko resource. We expressed our utmost interest in this matter. After a short analysis of the company’s activities and feedback on its activities, we are ready to share our opinion in this review. Overview of the cryptocurrency exchange “Coinsbit” At the end of 2019, Coinsbit became a competitive exchange, now it can “compete” even with the top representatives of the financial sector. The daily trading volume of Coinsbit averages $1,400,000,000. However, according to customers in their reviews, this figure is significantly inflated. Every month, the official site is visited by traders more than one million times. Coinsbit news can be followed in today’s popular social networks:;; The official website of is quite simple. From its main page, you can go to any section or tab of the site. Navigation through the resource is very convenient and does not require any additional knowledge. There are no extra buttons in the interface, and there are no flashy titles in the landing page. This fact inspires confidence. is translated into 14 languages, including Russian.

Coinsbit Review

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  1. I’ve written many times, this is scam site, not exchange, you will never receive your money

  2. My coinsbit withdrawal is cancelled. I want to withdraw trx. Plz fasten the with drawal process for the pepple

  3. I transferred from trading to main account since yesterday it did not drop and the support group is not helping issue this is certainly not fair. Please anybody with useful way to help me call them.

  4. Just trying to avoid from all of you my lamentable experience with Coinsbit.
    They blocked my funds, and despite dozens of emails to the support, no answer at all except “Dear user, please clarify” even though I have sent several times all the details requested. So, impossible to withdraw your funds.
    I could add that they remove every msg in their telegram group when it’s a critic and remove you from the group just after.

  5. Almost 2 months ago I sent a big bag XRP to coinsbit wallet without Memo. I contacted a support to transfer it to my wallet with my memo, they said that they will solve this problem very soon.

    To sum up, they didn’t transfer it to my wallet. Support started to ignore messages.

    Don’t say that you will solve if you won’t.

  6. The function of withdrawing to the Mastercard is not working currently and it is not informed in the website. The only available option is transferring to ADVcash account.
    Totally the costumer support team worked well in following up the issue from here.

  7. On January 7th, I deposited my funds to with the intent of trading. After some time, I wanted to withdraw some of my money back out and realized that I was unable to withdraw anything because USA wasn’t listed under countries in the required KYC form. I got in contact with support, my ticket 75225 was marked as fixed, but I got no reply and no resolution was offered. On top of this, the KYC form access was completely blocked for me as well. I kept sending multiple emails to support and opened many tickets but each time kept getting the same reply, that someone would resolve my issue “very soon.” At the beginning, I was asked for my information and sent in all documentation that they asked for that same day. However, nothing has changed and 3 months later, my funds are still locked in the account and I haven’t gotten a single reply or any help beside the initial reply of getting help “soon” and to keep waiting. This situation is very frustrating, because my money is locked in the account without any chance of taking it out. It definitely makes the platform seem like a scam, and I wouldn’t recommend it to others due to these issues and lack of support.

    UPDATE 03/30/2021: GOT MY MONEY BACK

    P.S. Terrible experience!! Simply horrible.

  8. No withdrawal options as soon as I want to withdraw my profits, the coin is not available for withdrawing. Tried to contact support, but no response.

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