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As one of the UK’s leading volume motor car and commercial vehicle retailers, Evans Halshaw provide national coverage through a significant number of locations. We’ve been around since 1927, and our heritage means we strive to tailor each experience to the customer’s needs, offering a wide range of new and used cars at the greatest possible value thanks to our ‘Every Day Low Prices’ price promise.

Making up a part of the wider Pendragon PLC group, we’re proud to hold franchises to retail and service 10 brands for cars and vans, including CitroënDaciaDSFordHyundaiKiaNissanPeugeotRenault and Vauxhall. Our easy-to-use Sell Your Car service can also be used to sell your vehicle in a stress-free and convenient manner.

Our Evans Halshaw customers also benefit from further value after purchase, making car ownership that little bit easier. Various handy guides and articles can be found within our blog section, with the latest information on our brands and dealerships residing within our news section.

Evans Halshaw Review
Evans Halshaw

5 responses to “Evans Halshaw Review”

  1. This has got to be the worse car dealership I have ever had the misfortune of buying a car from. I purchased a used Ford CMax from the Milton Keynes branch on 13th April 2019 and had issues from the start. Within the first week, I reported a few problems – two illegal front tyres, a missing tow bar and finally ongoing problems with the AC. The first two faults were resolved within 3 months but the problem with the AC was eventually passed over to the St Albans branch to rectify. This was eventually resolved, (or so I thought) on 25th September 2019, 5 months after the initial purchase. I was told a new compressor and pipes were fitted and this appeared to be the case because the AC finally worked. It would have been nice to have had this completed for the hot 2019 summer but the work kept getting cancelled for one reason or another so I had to make do. At the end of August 2020, I noticed the AC was faulty again so I took it to my local garage to be checked. They confirmed that the compressor was leaking and it was quite possibly a pinched ‘O ring’ which could have happened when it was fitted. I reported this to the St Albans branch who told me the compressor should have a year’s guarantee but they wouldn’t be able to fix it due to the branch closing. It was suggested that I got in touch with the Milton Keynes branch to resolve the issue. I spoke to Milton Keynes and I was then told to get in touch with the Hemel branch. Feeling like I was being passed from pillar to post and an issue that started last year was still not being taken seriously enough or being resolved I wrote an email on September 8th complaining and asking what could be done to resolve this. Shortly after, I went down with Covid and was laid up for a few weeks so I wasn’t in the best position to chase this up but was hopeful I would receive a satisfactory response. Unfortunately, 20 days later, this did not come so I sent a follow-up email to see if there was any news but got the same response, ‘call the Hemel branch’. I was a bit surprised by this, usually, when you make a complaint it’s usual procedure to respond but Evans Halshaw does not appear to take customer complaints seriously and believe ignoring them is the best way to deal with them. I did call the Hemel branch and after a few attempts got through to the service department on 1st Oct. My details were taken and I was told someone would be in touch to help. However, over a week later I am still waiting for this call but this does not surprise me. So the A/C part will now be out of guarantee, that is if it was actually replaced it in the first place and not patched it up. I am now looking at an expensive repair bill to put this right and after being unemployed throughout the summer and now only working part-time it’s an expense I can do without. I understand there have been redundancies and branch closures but I do feel it’s imperative to look after your existing customers if you want to them to return and recommend your business. I am really disappointed with the service I received.

  2. Damaged my sons car when parked on a public road. Admitted liability, 8 weeks later settlement emailed to him. Incorrect information emailed they now will not pay out what he was promised. Stay away

  3. I went to the Evans Halshaw Vauxhall in Hull. I was helped by a helpful salesman who really reassured me on a Vauxhall Mokka X. He help me with my finance as i still had finance waiting to be cleared from a Vauxhall Astra of which was written off. The sales rep kept me informed with regular phone calls and emails. The sales rep sorted the service and MOT. He called me when the work had done sorted the road tax and delivered my car to my home address 5 star for his service. I would recommend to family and friends.

  4. So this is my second bad experience at an Evans halshaw branch this time I bought this 2014 BMW in December for just under £16000 and this is how the car has come to me and I’m absolutely disgusted I was told the scratches on the paintwork would be machine polished out the car would be valeted and the plastic air filter cover would be looked at to see why it was rattling none of this was done the rear tyres were an advisory on the MOT and now are completely worn on the inner edges so need replacing it only had one key this company is a disgrace I never received any updates after I was accepted for the finance and when I wasn’t interested in any of their add on sales ( warranty,paint protection etc ) the customer service went out the window I had to do all the chasing to get updates on what was happening again it’s just one of these big companies only interested in the sales and not the customer service very disappointed please avoid I also find it really sad and desperate that they have to get their staff to put fake reviews on google to try to get rid of the bad reviews showing up UPDATE, I have been offered a 50/50 split on new rear tyres and a valet which I had done at my own cost including a full machine polish just after I purchased the car as when I phoned to complain about the car I was told not to take the car back at the time as the company they were using for valets weren’t very good so I had it done by a reputable company I have turned these down as all of the issues should have been done before I collected the car

  5. We were welcomed and immediately asked if we would like a drink. We felt relaxed throughout our appointment. The salesman asked for the required documents and ID. He then went to view the car and photographed in and out which he then entered onto his computer which was sent to the Salesman in charge of purchasing. Our car was then test driven. Within 5 mins a price was sent which was £300 below our original quote on line reason given 2 new tyres needed a few hair line scratches from hedge rows which can’t be helped. Our car was immaculate with a very low mileage and a new MOT certificate. Still we were happy with the deal. The only draw back with the system is that you cannot negotiate the price.

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